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A Child’s Prayer

In our family, we commit to make it a point to start our day with a prayer. At times, we pray together as a family or pray individually. Our boy is now 4 years old and we encourage him to do the same as he wakes up. We started to teach him how to pray and what to pray for when he was around 3 years old. And now he has his own way of praying and what he prays for but at times we still guide him.

Last week, he was the one who volunteered to start our family prayer. As he starts praying, he started to say his thanks.


“Lord, thank you for today,

Thank you for all the blessings,

Thank you for the sleep and good night, (he started to look around our room)

Thank you for my toys, and the TV

Thank you for the pillows, and the bed,

Thank you for the windows,

Thank you for daddy’s “puter” (pertaining to the computer. 😀 Hehehe)

Thank you for our work (pertaining daddy and mommy’s real work and his play time that he calls work :D)

Thank you for the electric fan…”

I forgot the others he said thanks for. I think he almost said everything inside our room. Hehehe. His prayer didn’t end there. I just want to focus on the part of his many thanks. As he was praying, besides on “naku-cutetan na kami sa kanya” and already smiling on what he was praying for, we were also reminded.

Reminded of what? Reminded to see, appreciate and say thanks to all things whether big or small. We didn’t say that we don’t say thank you to God…Yes we are always thankful about many things, a closed deal, provision for bills paid, provision for check payment, new client, the food that we eat, family, good health, the house we leave in, etc. But we forget to see the smallest things that we are blessed with like the comfy bed and a pillow that we sleep at, the clean floor that we step and play on, the window that fresh air comes in, the aircon that makes our sleep more comfortable, the computer that help us accomplish a lot of things, a TV that gives us leisure to rest and unwind, and a lot of things more.

Hearing our son’s prayer put our thankfulness to God’s blessings more seeking… seeking even for the smallest things to thank for.

Encouragement: As we begin to see how God has blessed us even with little things in our life, we begin to see life better, appreciate more, bless others more and live a life of thankfulness and contentment. 😀

“always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians  5:20 (NIV)


Folding Plastic Bags the Right Way

Do you have a problem of storing your plastics? Does it get bigger and bulky every time you shop or make make your grocery? Does it look this way already? Or maybe it is taking so much space?


I also have the same problem. Even if I reuse them as trash bags, still the pile gets bulky from time to time and it gets cluttered. But that was before when I learned a Technic in folding the plastic the right way.


My niece shared to me how her grandmother pack and store their plastic bags. I will show you how to reduce its bulkiness by a 3 step guide.

Step 1: Fold Lengthwise

Fold the side of the plastic bag to 1 1/2 inches. Start from one to going to the end. As you fold, flatten out each fold with your hands to remove the air inside the plastic to reduce bulkiness.


Step 2: Create a Triangle

Create a triangle at the bottom of the plastic bag (not where the handles are located). Fold the triangle following the edge-to-edge rule (folding it like a flag. I don’t know if you know that too… but I learned that when I was in highschool). And make it tight as possible.


Step 3: Tuck-in

As you end in folding the triangle, tuck inside the excess end of the fold to the middle edge of the plastic. Hold tight the folded triangle plastic and tuck it inside. See image below.









And that’s it! Easy, Clutter Free and Organized! Once you make all your plastics like this, definitely it can store a lot more! 😀



From Trash to Keeps

PhotoGrid_1416321969491 At times, we throw things in the trash if it seems useless to us already. For example, what do we do with a tansan (softdrink bottle cap) and an empty matchstick box? I know a fellow WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom), who does a lot of things with this. Well in fact, she made a business out of it. Her business is Tanzan ATBP.

I had an opportunity to have one…a keychain on my name! How cool is that?! A personalized key chain that is made with a personal touch plus environment friendly. Thanks to  a generous fellow WAHM “Sheryl” for this 😀


And to top off that, see how she packaged it… She put it on a match box and covered with a decorated paper. Putting a second love to that match box.


This Christmas season, it is nice to give to someone this kind of gift. A gift that is personalized, given a lot of thought, work and love. Giving a gift is not about the amount but the thought and effort put in it.

By the way, they also offer other designs that you may prefer. You can visit their FB page, to see what other personalized stuff they have.


Reasons why we attend Marriage/Family Seminars

Me and my husband loves attending marriage and family seminars. Recently, we just attended a seminar in regards to couples entitled Happy Wife, Happy Life by Kuya Chinkee Tan (I’ll blog it soon on what I have learned and experienced there). We attended not because our marriage is on a rough wavy sea status but mainly to protect it.

I want to share to people why we do it.

New Insights

In every couple there is something different on how they handle their marriage and family. As we listen to them, we learn things that works and doesn’t work in their family. It’s like picking fruits; you would want to pick and bring home fruits that are ripe and fresh. We don’t want to bring fruits that are rotten. Same thing with picking up ideas from others, we should get insights, values, etc. that might work in our family or marriage. And as we practice that in our family, we definitely get better and better and at times develop an improved version on how we handle our family/marriage.

Get renewed and refreshed

At times, as time past by with many things pre-occupying our time and mind, we forget how we should be or what we have learned. As we attend, we get to recall and be refreshed of what we already know. It is also a time to reflect are we still practicing what we learned or not. This also keeps us in check.

Learning from others

We have a thinking that “Experience is the best teacher” but I say not. The best teacher is when we learn from others mistakes. Isn’t it better to learn when people have experience it already and not to commit the same mistake/s that they made? Why would we want to suffer the same pain and agony, if we can prevent it already? And I think that’s a better option.

Build and Protect

In a marriage/family, it is important to build it strong and protect it from being destroyed. As a couple, this is one of many things we do to protect and preserve our marriage and family. But before you can protect and preserve your relationship, you must first build it. It is important for us to act in defense and offense already before there is an actual attack. Meaning, we do things to strengthen our relationship before greater problems arises. And if in times that we experience such problems, our foundation is deep, we won’t easily give up on each other.

In all of this, this are just helping tools in protecting your marriage/family. Yes it helps, but if God is not at the center of it all, it will still crumble down. Only God can hold things together.

Have a blessed day!


Who do I prioritize first? Hubby or Baby?

I have read a post on a group I’m in asking, “Who do you prioritize first, your husband or children?”. It made me think, who do I prioritize?

Before I have a mindset that children are first to priority before anyone in the family because they are still small and helpless. But when I was practicing that in our family, our relationship (husband and wife) is starting to get bitter. We had frequent small arguments of little things that becomes bigger of an issue. I felt tired, stressed and easily angered (to husband and baby). I love my family but it became as if it’s an obligation of work rather than doing it with love and joy. Doing the chores, taking care of the baby and adding to that, I had to look into the issues of hubby. When we fight, it also affects how I am with our baby. In short, it was a disaster. Hehehe.

We had to stop this. As husband and wife, we had to talk about this. We talked about our issues to one another and how we can turn this around. With our conversations, it made me realize that same as our kids, our husbands has also needs that we as wife should take care. For example, when they go home from work, of course they are tired. They want someone to take care of them. Or at times, they just want someone to talk to and spend quality time.

Knowing and understandin where he is coming from, I had to change my priority, putting my husband first then baby. (But of course God first then husband second). And like what the Bible says…

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

– Genesis 2:18

“Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’, for she was taken out of man” .”

– Genesis 2:22-23

The Lord made woman for man (wife for husband) and not for children. And of course, I’m not saying that we will not take care of the our kids. Of course we will! But in our priority, husband goes first.

Think like this….If your relationship as husband and wife is chaotic don’t you think your children won’t get affected by it? Or if you get separated, won’t the children’s life be ruined. As children needs a mother, so also they need a father.

As a result of changing my mindset and practicing…our relationship is more healthier. Even our family is more happy. And adding to that, he became more appreciative of what I do and even share with the work I do around our home. On some circumstances that I need to prioritize our baby, we both agreed on it that I have to put first our baby before him.

By the grace of God I am able to do it constantly in realigning my priorities.



stone-forgivenessHas anyone done something wrong to you but didn’t ask forgiveness for what he/she did? or Has anyone hurt you so deeply that you think you can never forgive that person ever?

Forgiving is not easy at all in any way, what more if that person you have to forgive hasn’t ask an apology for what happened or what he/she did. Some people say that “Why will I forgive, if he/she/them hasn’t apologize for what they did?”. How can we really forgive???

I had experienced this same dilemma. I have a family member, who I had conflict with, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I am not even involved in that conflict. I just mediated in their confrontation with one of our family member also. After all the talking and arguments, he said something that is not good that he will do to our family member. So I said to him in a intensified voice, that “It is not good. Do you think that will resolve the problem? It will just make it worst.” After the confrontation, it wasn’t resolved still. After the following days, I noticed that he wasn’t talking to me. This went on for more that a month and he also acted in ways that are disrespectful and rude. As he was doing this, I had a great anger growing in my heart. I was thinking, “I didn’t do anything wrong. He was the one who said bad things and now I am the one who is like at fault. I should be the one who should be angry.” But still I tried to approach and give respect but he acted the opposite. I am so angry and my heart felt so so heavy that it wants to explode.

As I was building hatred inside, I wanted to retaliate. But I was reminded that I should remove the anger that is in me. It is not pleasing to the Lord and He wants me to forgive. Then my mind is battling whether to forgive or not. Then to top it off, I have to forgive him even if he didn’t ask for forgiveness…What??? How can I do that???!!! I asked the help of the Lord to lift that heaviness I am feeling and that I may forgive. This anger has eaten me. He is the only one who can help me because I don’t now how and where to start. Every time I feel the anger, I pray.

As stated in the Bible….
Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” – Colossians 3:13 NIV

Who am I not to forgive, if the Lord has forgiven my sins. But I bet you it is NOT REALLY EASY! By the grace of the Lord, one day all the anger and heaviness was removed from me. I was able to talk to him with joy and just letting the offenses go. (Of course, it’s not instant)

What I have learned from this is “Forgiveness is not for the person to be forgiven but for us who needs to forgive.” Forgiving is lifting the burden it has given us. It releases us from our own hatred and anger that gives us that gloomy feeling. It let us live freely and peacefully. Who wouldn’t want that? By the grace of the Lord, anything that is impossible to us, is possible to Him.


Teaching your children through a mirror perspective

Our baby is 2 years old and turning 3 this year. He is now in the stage that he is learning and exploring things around him. Children are like sponge, they easy absorbs things but don’t really understand. I notice he does things the same way we do. Like he dances every time he hears music that are up beat like his dad, or he wears his dad’s baller because his dad has one too or wear his dad’s big shoes and walk around with it.


It is funny when he does this… It’s so cute.

But what I also notice is that he don’t just imitates funny or good things that we do but also many things that shouldn’t be done by a child. As parents, we of course disciplines our child/children by one way or another. When he does things that are not good we tell him “No, don’t do that. That’s bad!” or give him the rod if he don’t listen or if he becomes unmanageable (we give it on the hands only). Then at one instance, we heard him said “No, don’t do that!” to the people at our house playing with him. The people laughed especially my mom. Yes, it’s funny or cute hearing a little boy saying that.

But what does it really mean? It made me realize and think…It just shows that a child follows what he sees…he imitates. “What monkey sees, monkey do”.

Teaching them by saying things that are right from wrong or giving them discipline is good and that’s another thing. But what really helps them to learn, is if they see us (their parents) doing it as well. Like in a mirror, we see our own image. But for our children, we are the image they see because they still don’t have the sense of themselves but absorbs what surrounds them. As parents, we should be living as an example to them. How can you expect them to follow if you yourself don’t. For example, a dad tells his son to stop smoking but he himself smokes. How can he defend that smoking is bad, if he himself do it as well. Get the point?

It is important for us to be aware of how we are. It is a great percent of how they will become as a person when they grow up. The things they see that we do whether good or not, registers on their minds that it is okay to do because we are doing it. As their parents, it is our responsibility to guide them to what is right and not to what is wrong.

Because of this, we are more aware of our actions. If he does things that are not good, we check first if our actions have led him to be like that or the people that surrounds him. And if it does, we adjust or change the things we do. It helps us to teach and guide him better. This is both a learning process for us (the parents) and the child.


Sarciadong Galunggong Recipe

CameraZOOM-20130528123603458Early this morning, as we were thinking what to cook for brunch, we remembered that we have still have galunggong in the freezer. Our original plan is to have it just fried and crispy, then my husband wanted to have it as sarciado. Thanks to Mama Mel’s sarciado recipe, I texted her to get the recipe. 😀 Just added some ingredients.

It’s my first time to eat and cook Sarciadong Galunggong. I didn’t expect that this simple dish can be yummy and tasty. Because of my joy with this dish, I want to share it also! 😀


  • 1/2 kilo Galunggong (preferably smaller size) 6pcs. Tomato (sliced thinly)
  • 1pc. Whole Garlic (minced)
  • 2pcs. Medium size Onion (minced)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Magic Sarap seasoning


  1. Put salt and rub on the fish then wash it. This is to remove/minimize the smell and taste of being fishy
  2. After washing thoroughly, put ample salt for frying.
  3. Deep fry the fish until crispy. Then let the oil drip before setting it aside.
  4. On a sauce pan, heat the pan and put a little oil. Saute the garlic until golden brown but not too much. Then add the onions, until caramelize.
  5. Add the tomatoes, a dash of salt and pepper. Put on cover and let it boil.
  6. When the tomatoes are soften, add half cup water. Cover and let it boil.
  7. When it boils, smash the tomatoes then add sugar (depending on your taste) and Magic Sarap. Let the liquid thicken. Add sugar and salt as needed. Make sure that the taste is more on sweet and somehow sweeter than your preferred because you will put the fish still.
  8. When you are done with the sauce, put in the fried fish. Stir it slowly with the sauce until covered. Let it boil one time then remove it from the pan to avoid over cooking.
  9. Remove the fish first and arranged it in parallel to one another in a large plate then pour the sauce over the fish. Plate it properly for a more presentable look. You can also add greens on top or at the side for added color.

Enjoy the dish! Give me a feedback on how you think of this dish or if you made any additional to make it better 😀


Baked Chicken Honey Teriyaki Recipe

baked-chicken-honey-teriyakiAfter coming from a whole day of meetings and agendas, I have decided to cook Chicken Teriyaki for dinner. Actually, this is my first time to cook and bake a teriyaki dish. So what I did was, I researched first for existing recipes online. Some of them are either long to prepare or some of the ingredients are not available. Instead, I somehow mix and match them all together, and this is what I’ve came up with.

The dish has a soft cooked meat and very tasty. So far Me, My Husband and Pao2x, enjoyed the dish. According to my husband he liked it and he wants more. And that’s all I need to hear, that my family loves and enjoy the food I cook. Hehehe!

If you want to try my recipe then go ahead and I hope you like and enjoy this, the same way we did.


  • 1/2 kilo Chicken (cut)
  • 3/4 cup Soy Sauce
  • 3/4 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Grated Ginger
  • 1 tbsp. Garlic (minced)
  • 1 tbsp. Organic / Pure Vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. Pure Honey
  • 2 tsp. Cornstarch or as needed


  1. Whisk in a bowl the soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, vinegar, and honey; until the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Pour half of the mixture unto the chicken. Then set aside for 15-30 minutes to marinate. Just leave the remaining sauce for a while.
  3. Preheat the oven to 170 celcius.
  4. Prepare a wide cooking dish or pan and put a foil or baking paper. Place the foil / baking paper basin like to avoid the sauce to spill. Make sure that the chicken don’t cover each other and are evenly placed.
  5. Bake the chicken for 60 minutes. Every 10-15 minutes turn the sides of the chicken for even cooking. For the last 20 mins, bake the top side to give a grill look. (Check it once in a while to avoid over cooking, resulting to a burnt chicken)
  6. Remove the chicken from the pan, leaving the sauce. Plate the chicken.
  7. Transfer the sauce into a sauce pan. In a low heat, combine the sauce that came from the oven and the mixture that is left behind. When the sauce is boiling, put in the cornstarch. Stir until the cornstarch is dissolved and the sauce it thickened.
  8. Pour the thickened sauce unto the plated chicken.
  9. You can also also garnish it with spring onions, as an added color.

Old Fashion Onion Rings Recipe

old-fashion-onion-rings-1Thanks to Mama Mel Jaranilla for the onions she gave us, I was inspired to look for a yummy onion rings recipe; as requested by my husband. Because of the satisfaction it has given to our family’s tummy and taste buds, I want to also share our experience.

Having this recipe is like having a pro made your onion rings!



  • 1 whole White Onions (Large)
  • 2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup Fresh Milk (I used Nestle Fresh Milk -Green)
  • 1 large Egg
  • 1 tsp Iodized Salt
  • Breadcrumbs (I usually use the one in orange packaging – the one used for tempura)
  • Vegetable Oil for frying
  • Extra salt for seasoning


  • Cut the onions in slices. Make sure to cut them in circles, then set aside.
  • Prepare 3 bowls. In one bowl, mix the flour and salt. In the next bowl, whisk the milk and egg together. And in the 3rd bowl, put in the breadcrumbs.
  • Dip and cover the onions one by one to each bowl of mixture, to this arrangement:
    • Flour Mixture
    • Milk and Egg Mixture
    • Then again at Flour Mixture
    • and Milk Egg Mixture
    • Breadcrumbs (slightly tap them to let it stick to the rings)
  • While preparing the rings, also prepare the oil in a pan and heat it. Make sure the oil is hot before you put in the onion rings.
  • When the onion rings are slightly brown/golden brown, take them out already. Then put them in plate with tissue paper to remove the excess oil from it.
  • Then season with salt

This is also best with a dip. The simplest dip you can have is mayo with garlic powder, mayo and ketchup or even just mayo.

Sounds yummy??? Try it now and give me a feedback on your experience. Hehehe… ENJOY!!!!!