From Trash to Keeps

PhotoGrid_1416321969491 At times, we throw things in the trash if it seems useless to us already. For example, what do we do with a tansan (softdrink bottle cap) and an empty matchstick box? I know a fellow WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom), who does a lot of things with this. Well in fact, she made a business out of it. Her business is Tanzan ATBP.

I had an opportunity to have one…a keychain on my name! How cool is that?! A personalized key chain that is made with a personal touch plus environment friendly. Thanks to  a generous fellow WAHM “Sheryl” for this 😀


And to top off that, see how she packaged it… She put it on a match box and covered with a decorated paper. Putting a second love to that match box.


This Christmas season, it is nice to give to someone this kind of gift. A gift that is personalized, given a lot of thought, work and love. Giving a gift is not about the amount but the thought and effort put in it.

By the way, they also offer other designs that you may prefer. You can visit their FB page, to see what other personalized stuff they have.