Reasons why we attend Marriage/Family Seminars

Me and my husband loves attending marriage and family seminars. Recently, we just attended a seminar in regards to couples entitled Happy Wife, Happy Life by Kuya Chinkee Tan (I’ll blog it soon on what I have learned and experienced there). We attended not because our marriage is on a rough wavy sea status but mainly to protect it.

I want to share to people why we do it.

New Insights

In every couple there is something different on how they handle their marriage and family. As we listen to them, we learn things that works and doesn’t work in their family. It’s like picking fruits; you would want to pick and bring home fruits that are ripe and fresh. We don’t want to bring fruits that are rotten. Same thing with picking up ideas from others, we should get insights, values, etc. that might work in our family or marriage. And as we practice that in our family, we definitely get better and better and at times develop an improved version on how we handle our family/marriage.

Get renewed and refreshed

At times, as time past by with many things pre-occupying our time and mind, we forget how we should be or what we have learned. As we attend, we get to recall and be refreshed of what we already know. It is also a time to reflect are we still practicing what we learned or not. This also keeps us in check.

Learning from others

We have a thinking that “Experience is the best teacher” but I say not. The best teacher is when we learn from others mistakes. Isn’t it better to learn when people have experience it already and not to commit the same mistake/s that they made? Why would we want to suffer the same pain and agony, if we can prevent it already? And I think that’s a better option.

Build and Protect

In a marriage/family, it is important to build it strong and protect it from being destroyed. As a couple, this is one of many things we do to protect and preserve our marriage and family. But before you can protect and preserve your relationship, you must first build it. It is important for us to act in defense and offense already before there is an actual attack. Meaning, we do things to strengthen our relationship before greater problems arises. And if in times that we experience such problems, our foundation is deep, we won’t easily give up on each other.

In all of this, this are just helping tools in protecting your marriage/family. Yes it helps, but if God is not at the center of it all, it will still crumble down. Only God can hold things together.

Have a blessed day!

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