From Trash to Keeps

PhotoGrid_1416321969491 At times, we throw things in the trash if it seems useless to us already. For example, what do we do with a tansan (softdrink bottle cap) and an empty matchstick box? I know a fellow WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom), who does a lot of things with this. Well in fact, she made a business out of it. Her business is Tanzan ATBP.

I had an opportunity to have one…a keychain on my name! How cool is that?! A personalized key chain that is made with a personal touch plus environment friendly. Thanks to  a generous fellow WAHM “Sheryl” for this 😀


And to top off that, see how she packaged it… She put it on a match box and covered with a decorated paper. Putting a second love to that match box.


This Christmas season, it is nice to give to someone this kind of gift. A gift that is personalized, given a lot of thought, work and love. Giving a gift is not about the amount but the thought and effort put in it.

By the way, they also offer other designs that you may prefer. You can visit their FB page, to see what other personalized stuff they have.


Reviving my blog

Happy 2013!!!

It’s been a long time since I last submitted any entry to my blog. I want to share and blog a lot of things but I was too busy with our business and taking care of my family. Not until I read a blog of my friend, I got inspired. She is a work at home mom and has started her blog recently. When I got the chance to read her first entry, the urge of putting my thoughts (same as hers) online and sharing it to others whether it might help or not, but hopefully yes, just got fired-up. Thanks Eve Gozon for inspiring me again! 😀 Kindly support and visit her blog. Here is the link

This is just my warm-up entry as I gather my thoughts to my next entry. Definitely, this time I will be consistent in posting my entries. Hehehe! Follow me as share to you my experiences, thoughts and tips. See you soon on my next entry!!!


How will I start my blog???

Before, I wanted to write a lot of things and share every moment and thoughts I had but now that I’m already starting I don’t know what to blog about and just an empty idea. So instead, for now I’m going to write an opening article just to jump start my blog. Hehe. Currently, when I launch my first and official blog post, it will only be me who’ll know about it and of course, my loving and ever supportive husband. (Love you Daddy).

My husband was the one who encouraged me to have my own blog. At first, I wasn’t that interested of having one because I don’t have time to blog….(But you know what’s the truth, it was just my excuse…hehehe…. I’m just not interested at all). What changed my mind?????…………. Of course my hubby and while reading other’s blog. I also want to share to my family, friends and others the things I’ve experienced and learned. Isn’t that nice that you get to help other people just by sharing your life’s story? and share how God works magnificently in my life and family’s. And hopefully I will blog more….more…..more…..and more! Hehehe!