Folding Plastic Bags the Right Way

Do you have a problem of storing your plastics? Does it get bigger and bulky every time you shop or make make your grocery? Does it look this way already? Or maybe it is taking so much space?


I also have the same problem. Even if I reuse them as trash bags, still the pile gets bulky from time to time and it gets cluttered. But that was before when I learned a Technic in folding the plastic the right way.


My niece shared to me how her grandmother pack and store their plastic bags. I will show you how to reduce its bulkiness by a 3 step guide.

Step 1: Fold Lengthwise

Fold the side of the plastic bag to 1 1/2 inches. Start from one to going to the end. As you fold, flatten out each fold with your hands to remove the air inside the plastic to reduce bulkiness.


Step 2: Create a Triangle

Create a triangle at the bottom of the plastic bag (not where the handles are located). Fold the triangle following the edge-to-edge rule (folding it like a flag. I don’t know if you know that too… but I learned that when I was in highschool). And make it tight as possible.


Step 3: Tuck-in

As you end in folding the triangle, tuck inside the excess end of the fold to the middle edge of the plastic. Hold tight the folded triangle plastic and tuck it inside. See image below.









And that’s it! Easy, Clutter Free and Organized! Once you make all your plastics like this, definitely it can store a lot more! 😀