Pao’s First Hospital Confinement

Last July 11, 2011, Pao-pao was sick with colds and cough and he’s having a hard time with it. His sickness is about 3 days already.

And later that day, we noticed that he was having a hard time breathing not the typical cough and cold. It is like he was having a asthma. We continued to observe him the whole night, and I wasn’t able to sleep. I was afraid that if I sleep, i’ll find him not breathing anymore. Paranoia hits me!

The following day, we decided to bring him to the doctor and have him checked. Hoping that the doctor will just give him prescription then we’ll go home after……..but in our surprise…..immediately after checking his chest, the doctor said that he has to be confined because of SEVERE ASTHMA AND PNEUMONIA and said “Buti he was able to survive the night with his condition”. We were shocked that Pao’s condition was really that serious. Immediately, we arranged his confinement without thinking of the expenses.

Simultaneously, while arranging his room he was already being medicated at the ER. After that, it was time for the dextrose to be put. He was laid in the bed and covered his body with a blanket, leaving one of his hand exposed. When he was being injected, he was crying so loud. I got teary-eyed… as if I was also feeling the pain. I said to the nurse…”Kung pwede lang sana na ako yung lagayan ng dextrose for him”. Nakakaawa talaga! After the procedure is done…..I hugged and comforted him….WAWA BABY BOY!

After all are settled down at the hospital…we we’re already very anxious when will he be cleared to go home, thinking and hoping the following day he can go home already. (Thinking also the bills that we’ll pay..hehehe! We know that we don’t have any money to pay for this.)

The next day, when the doctor visited, I asked her when can Pao go home,….”Maybe later this day? or baka tomorrow morning???” (Laughing after that). She said “Kakapasok nyo lang, gusto nyo na lumabas agad…mga 3 – 4 days sya or until his chest is cleared”….Grabe, tagal pa! (Thinking about it).

Fast Forward:What we did was pray for Pao’s fast healing and recovery and gathered resources as much as we can..then trust God for the rest. “We can only do so much, but God can do all things”. We are just limited on things that we can do….as much as we want to do things….it is not enough. But with GOD….He will complete the things that we cannot.

On the third day (not sure if pao is going home), we went to arrange documents for the PhilHealth claim. I went to the NSO at Muntinlupa and Wil waited for the certification.  While I was filling for the birth certificate of Pao…the lunchbreak cut-off is near. I’ll have to wait until afterlunch for the document to be released…Eh I was in a hurry to go back to the hospital kasi baka lumabas na si Pao. I was praying na “Lord, sana hindi ako maabutan ng cut-off” again and again. Then when it was my turn to pay, I saw in my receipt that I have to wait until after lunch for the document’s release. So I just settled with it…thinking “Okay nalang, atleast today pa din irerelease rather than tomorrow pa yung release”.

After waiting for just a few minutes, a man named “Edward” came to me and said “Ms. Elizabeth…Tapos na po, ginawa ko na…hintayin mo nalang sandali nalang yun”. I was very surprise and really really happy. He added “Taga VCF ka po pala…kinasal kayo sa VCF Galeria” I said “Pano mo nalaman???….taga VCF ka din”. He replied “Yes, sa VCF Alabang”..then we went out for his break. Isn’t that amazing???? Coincident???? NO….I call it God’s work. I believe that, if God doesn’t want it to happen…it will not! And if God wants it and it will happen. After getting the certificate, I left there with so much amazement and happiness of God’s work.

Later that day, we were able to go home and just continued his medication. With God’s grace and guidance, we were able to surpass that situation…emotional and financial stress. God is so faithful!

“My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth”

– Psalm 121:2

“The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life;

the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore”

– Psalm 121:7-8

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