How will I start my blog???

Before, I wanted to write a lot of things and share every moment and thoughts I had but now that I’m already starting I don’t know what to blog about and just an empty idea. So instead, for now I’m going to write an opening article just to jump start my blog. Hehe. Currently, when I launch my first and official blog post, it will only be me who’ll know about it and of course, my loving and ever supportive husband. (Love you Daddy).

My husband was the one who encouraged me to have my own blog. At first, I wasn’t that interested of having one because I don’t have time to blog….(But you know what’s the truth, it was just my excuse…hehehe…. I’m just not interested at all). What changed my mind?????…………. Of course my hubby and while reading other’s blog. I also want to share to my family, friends and others the things I’ve experienced and learned. Isn’t that nice that you get to help other people just by sharing your life’s story? and share how God works magnificently in my life and family’s. And hopefully I will blog more….more…..more…..and more! Hehehe!

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