Business Registration Part I


I’ve been trying to work on the registration of our business for a few years now but there are a lot of unseen and unfortunate circumstances that keeps on hindering me in the process. Like when my dad died, too late for the registration for a new business, requirements that I don’t have, location problem and other things. And now after so many years of planning and attempting to register our business, we are almost finish with all the requirements. YEHEY!! At last!

Last January 21, 2011 (Friday), I was able to accomplish the locational clearance, insurance, cedula and fully filled  & notarized business permit application form. WHOA! 2 more steps (the filing of all the requirements for business permit and BIR registration), then we’re DONE!

Here is my check list for our business to be fully registered (Registering for a new business):
[list style=”list3″ color=”red”]

  • DTI registration
  • Our office location and address
  • Lease of Contract
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Locational Clearance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Notarized Business Application Form

[list style=”list1″ color=”blue”]

  • Business Permit
  • BIR Registered

I thought I can accomplish everything by the end of January but again not. 🙁 ….. I just found out that the registration for a new business will start on February. I’ll be delayed for a few days in accomplishing all that we need. But at least I’m closer to my goal. 😀  Hehehehe! Im just so excited that all our efforts will be paid-off.

Then after that…..CLIENT HUNTING!!!! GO…GO…GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!