Tips on Business Registration

Finally, I have completely registered our business.  I thought at first, registering our business is hard because I’m really new with this kind of stuff but when I personally experience the process of doing the registration, it wasn’t hard but it was tiring. You have to accomplish a lot of  requirements that are prerequisite to one another.

Here are some tips to make your registration easy.

  1. First, know the list of requirements and their sub-requirements you need from the city your business is going to be put up and make a check list.

This will guide you to remember the steps, process and requirements you need to go through. It will help you to be organized and won’t go back several times to filling offices.

Requirements in Makati City:

[list style=”list6″ color=”blue”]

  • DTI registration
    • Registration Application Form
    • Birth Certificate
    • TIN
    • ID
  • Lease of Contract (if you are renting) / Certificate of Tax or Tax Declaration (if owned)
  • Barangay Clearance (for business)
    • DTI Registration / Certificate
    • Lease of Contract / Certificate of Tax r Tax Declaration (if owned)
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Locational Clearance
    • DTI Registration
    • Lease of Contract / Certificate of Tax r Tax Declaration (if owned)
    • Occupancy Permit
    • Brgy. Clearance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Business Permit
    • DTI Registration / Certificate
    • DTI Application Form
    • Lease of Contract
    • Occupancy Permit
    • Brgy. Clearance
    • Locational Clearance
    • Liability Insurance
    • Sanitary Permit (this is included when you are already paid and fully accomplished with the business permit)
  • BIR Registered
    • DTI Registration / Certificate
    • Business Permit or if you have a Business Permit Application Form (You can only have a form when your requirements are complete)

Sometimes not all cities have the same or exact requirements but this is some what all the major ones have.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask, inquire or research.

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the process of filling and requirements, don’t hesitate to ask the staffs of the government office you are in. It will make you filling a lot easier. They give you the things you need and the process you have to undergo.

That’s what I did and it surely helped me a lot! This a great habit to practice. You can do this even to other situations.

3. File all documents and requirements to one folder or envelop and bring them always.

File your personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, IDs, cedula, etc.) and registration requirements in one filer. Keep even the receipts of the payment you have made for the requirements and registrations. Always bring all of  them every time you are filling, you may not know what you’ll need. And by this, it will lessen the tendency that you may forget the requirements.

In experience, I didn’t thought of that when I applied for my DTI, so what happened was I was forced to change the name of our business due to my lack of documents. It is great hassle for me to go home and get the requirements, that’s why I did that. From then on, I kept on bringing all the requirements. And I wasn’t wrong about that. On many instances bringing all of them helped me to fasten the process of application.


You should not trust fixers! Besides that it is illegal those people tend to manipulate you to gain money. They make excuses that your application is being delayed, the person who is processing your application is asking for money, you need to pay this and that, and many things but the truth is part of that money will also go to them.

It is better that you personally file your applications so that you will know the abouts of the registration process, your rights, fees to pay, etc. This will protect you from deceivers.